Workflow allows you to create a linear and step-by-step editing and review process for several members of a working team. Each step must be completed in order for the next step to be initiated. 

A common scenario

A GSE director had requested and reviewed project plans from each of her four managers. After a meeting with the managers during which they held a general discussion and review of all their plans, she has compiled them into one departmental plan and incorporated the discussion points. She wants each of the managers to review the final draft, and edit or make suggestions as appropriate. She also wants to establish a deadline for each of them and track progress of the review. She decides this would be a good process to automate with a workflow, which she will be able to repurpose for other collaborative projects.

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Where to learn more

Workflows are a complex process in XDrive, and using one effectively requires designing your workflow outside of XDrive first.

If you decide you want to learn more, contact Ken Ng