Setting up and working with Versioning

A common scenerio

A GSE director has an XDrive folder called Project Plans with four subfolders, each containing a project plan from each department manager. As the director edits the plans, she wants to keep each manager's original version. Enabling XDrive's Versioning feature for this Project Plan folder will allow her to see the original and all subsequent versions. 

How to set up Versioning

  1. Select the folder
  2. On the Manage menu, select Default Versioning 
  3. Selects ON in the dropdown box to enable versioning
  4. Check to Apply this Setting to all sub-folders as well as all files
  5. Click on Apply and Exit.

Viewing Versions

  1. Select the file 
  2. Select Versioning from the Manage menu 

The versioning dialog box will shows all versions with time stamps. 

Using the Checkout feature with Versioning

A common scenario (continued from the scenario above)

The director will be working on the first plan intermittently throughout the day. Since she won't need each small version change that would be created for every incremental change, she decides to use the Checkout feature. When a document is checked out, additional versions aren't created each time it is saved; instead when editing is completed, the 'checked-in' version is the final version. 

  1. Select your document
  2. From the Manage menu, select the Versioning option
  3. Click the Checkout File button
    Note that checking a file out will create another version.

The file may be now be updated and no additional versions will be added.

When editing is complete, click the Checkin button in the Versioning area.

Warning: The Uncheckout option removes all updates since the file was checked out. Use Checkin to save all changes to the final version.