Subscriptions & Notifications

Creating and managing your subscriptions and notifications

Subscriptions automatically notify you when a file or folder has been viewed, changed, or commented on.

Create a new Subscription

  1. Place a checkmark in the box associated to the file or folder, and then click on the Subscribe button.
    Note: you may also right-click the document or folder and select the Subscribe option
  2. Place checkmarks in the boxes associated to the type of subscription according to the table below.
  3. Choose the Frequency of the report as either when the event occurs for an immediate notification or "Daily Report" which sends all notifications for all of your subscriptions at once.
  4. Click the Ok button when you are done creating your subscription.

Note: If choosing the "Daily Report" option for your subscription, the time of day the daily report is sent is pre-determined by XDrive.

"Notify me of" Options

Event Option
Change events

"Change Events on files" include:

  • When a file is uploaded and an existing file is overwritten
  • When a file is moved or deleted
  • When a file has been copied or downloaded

"Change Events on folders" include:

  • When any of the above file events occur to any file or sub-folder within the specified folder
  • When a file is initially uploaded to a folder
  • When a file within the specified folder has been moved
  • When a sub-folder is created within the specified folder
  • When the folder itself has been deleted
Read events

"Read Events" include:

  • When a file is viewed or opened.
  • When a file within the folder is viewed or opened.
Comment events  A comment event occurs whenever a comment is created on a file or folder.

View existing Subscriptions for a file or folder

  1. Right-Click on the file or folder of your choice.
  2. Select Manage -> Subscriptions.
  3. All subscriptions for this file or folder will be listed.

Cancel existing Subscriptions for the file or folder

  1. Right-Click on the file or folder of your choice.
  2. Select Manage -> Subscriptions.
  3. Place a checkmark in the box associated to the Subscription.
  4. Click the Unsubscribe button to remove the Subscription.

Viewing all and cancelling existing subscriptions

Cancelling a subscription from the Reports & Tools tab will allow you to see all subscriptions within the system, rather than a folder by folder view as the Manage screen offers.

  1. Click on the Reports & Tools tab.
  2. Click on the Subscriptions tab.
  3. Click the associated "X" icon to the subscription you would like to cancel.

Automatic cancellation of a Subscription or notification

Subscriptions and their notifications are also automatically canceled due to certain changes within the system. If the subscribed file or folder is deleted, the subscription is automatically canceled. If the permissions of a file or folder are changed such that the current subscriber no longer has the correct access to view or edit that file or folder, notifications will no longer be sent; however, the subscription will still exist.

Subscriptions through email

When sharing a file or folder, you are provided with the option to notify the user via email. When the email is received, there is a link to the shared file or folder. This link, when clicked will provide an option to subscribe to the shared item.

  1. The notification email is received by the user.
  2. Click on the link which is supplied in the email.
  3. You are brought to the Bookmark and Subscribe window. Place a checkmark in the Subscribe box.
  4. Click OK.