Sharing a file or folder with a non-GSE affiliate

Tickets overview

Tickets allow both GSE affiliates and non-GSE affiliates access to your files and folders. By using the ticket functionality, you may allow specific access to your folders, their sub-folders, and the files within. A folder ticket can be thought of as a direct online link to a folder.

A common scenario

You need to share a folder with people who are HGSE affiliates, as well as some people who are not. Since the content is sensitive, you cannot use email or an iSite. The ticket will allow you to share a large number of documents in a password-protected space. You can give some people the ability to add and edit documents, and others you can restrict their access to read-only. 

Using Tickets

Tickets allow both HGSE affiliates and non-HGSE affiliates access to your folders. There are several ways in which tickets can be created and used. Tickets can be created for one file or folder, or any combination of multiple files and multiple folders.

Create a ticket
During the creation of a new ticket, the file or folder's Permissions screen is updated with the new permissions.

  1. On the Document Manager screen, Right-Click the selected file or folder, and then click the Manage -> Tickets option. - OR - On the Manage screen, select the Tickets link.
  2. Click the New Ticket button.
  3. In the new window, modify PermissionsLifetimeName, and Password as desired.
    Note: for more information, see Ticket Concepts below 
  4. When you are satisfied with the values, click Ok to create the ticket.
  5. The ticket is now listed in your Tickets screen. You may copy and paste the URL for the ticket into your preferred email client, or simply place a checkmark in the box corresponding to the ticket, and then click the Email button.

Ticket concepts

Ticket Concepts

When creating a ticket, the following changes to your account will occur. For more information, visit Using Tickets.

Different Permissions for different users During the Ticket creation process, you are prompted to specify either Read Only or Read, Write and Delete access to the file(s) or folder(s). This information is stored in the file or folder's Permissions screen.
Password Protection  When creating a ticket, you have the option of selecting password protection. If password protection is enabled, the password enabled ticket link will be sent. If password protection is enabled, there will not be a password-free link. The password is not supplied in the email.
Ticket Expiration Optionally, a ticket can have an expiration date. Once that date passes, all users who have been accessing the file or folder through the issued ticket will no longer be allowed access to that file or folder. An expired ticket will continue to exist in your account until you either delete it or change the expiration date to something in the future.