Sharing a file or folder with a GSE affiliate

Sharing: Web

A common scenario

You need to share a large confidential data file with a colleague who does not already have access to it. The share function will allow you send it as a link, thereby eliminating the need to attach a big file it to an email. 

Note that this function allows you to share with HGSE affiliates, not non-HGSE affiliates.  

To share a document or file:

  1. Select the item by selecting the check box or single clicking
  2. Click on the Share button
  3. Enter the user's or group's name or email address
    Note: To share with users outside of the system, enter that user's email address.
  4. Click Next to advance to the permissions page
  5. Verify or change permissions for each user or group 
  6. Click Finish, or Next to send an email to those with whom you are sharing 
  7. Check boxes next to the people and groups you want to email regarding your shared file
  8. Click Finish