Glossary of Terms

Dropbox: allows a user to add content to a folder they do not have access to without the ability to modify or remove the content once it has been added. 

File: any document that can be uploaded to XDrive. XDrive accepts all file formats except for database files.  

Folder: Folders are a place where files are organized. Entire files may be shared with other users (including non-HGSE affiliates using a ticket).

Groups: Groups are a convenient way for you to organize groups of users that need to access the same files.

Link: Both a Ticket and a Link can be used to share files and folders on XDrive. A Link is used when you are pointing a GSE affiliate user to a file that they already have permission to access.

Notification: the email message you receive when a change has been made to a file or folder you have created a Subscription for. 

Permissions: XDrive enables you to share specific files with other users. Permissions will allow you to grant specific read, write, delete and/or administer permissions on your files and folders.

Search: XDrive's Search will not only search titles, but the content of every file. 

Subscription: Subscriptions automatically notify you when a file or folder has been viewed, changed, or commented.

Ticket: Both a Ticket and a Link can be used to share files and folders on XDrive. A Ticket is used when you are giving a non-GSE affiliate access to your files and folders. Also, tickets can be used to grant folder or file-specific access that may have an expiration date or be protected with a password that you set. A folder ticket can be thought of as a direct online link to a folder.

Workflow: Workflow allows you to create a linear and step-by-step editing and review process for several members of a working team. Each step must be completed in order for the next step to be initiated. 

XDrive Client: XDrive Client is installed on your computer and works like a normal folder on your computer. You can access all content from the Client, but you do not have access to all functionality of XDrive Web. 

XDrive Web: through your Internet browser, the XDrive Web interface allows you to access your files from anywhere in the world. All functionality is available through XDrive Web.