Using a Dropbox

The purpose of a dropbox is to allow a user to add content to a folder they do not have access to without the ability to modify or remove the content once it has been added. 

A common scenario

A GSE director has asked the four managers in the her department to provide confidential project plans for their respective areas for the upcoming academic year. A dropbox will allow them to submit these large files to a space where they will be organized for director while not allowing the managers to see each other's submissions. 

How to set up a dropbox

  1. Navigate to the folder where you want to add the dropbox
  2. Click on the New Dropbox button on the upper-right of the toolbar
  3. Add a titledescription, and dates the dropbox should open and close
  4. Click Next
  5. Add names into the Find User or Group field to give access to those you want to add files to your dropbox
  6. Click Find
  7. Highlight the correct user or group and click the Add User/Group button
  8. When all users and groups are added, click Finish

Your dropbox will be listed in the folder along with your files and sub-folders. 

Send your users an email and give them a link to the dropbox

  1. Double-click on the dropbox now listed in your folder
  2. Click the Email button
  3. Check next to the names of those you want to send a message and link to the dropbox
  4. Click Send

Outlook launches and you can add a message along with the link. 

What happens when the intended user clicks on the link in your email

When the user logs in, he or she will see the submission deadline and see an "Upload files" and "Copy from your Account" option. They can upload the files to the dropbox using these options. They will not see other submissions.

Dropbox owner options

The owner will be able to see each submission listed in the order that they were received. Files may be opened directly from the dropbox. Additionally, the owner may move and delete files, as well as close or open the link for submissions. 

Moving files into individual folders for each user

XDrive allows the administrator to move all submissions from a dropbox into any folder in XDrive. When the files are moved, XDrive will automatically organize the files by creating one separate folder for each user. This is quite handy when working with a large number of submitters and files.