Welcome and how to get started

On this site you can learn how to get started using XDrive, how to learn more, and how to become an expert user. 

When is XDrive the right tool for the job?

It is the right tool when you need to:

  • Securely transfer files when you are on- or off-campus
  • Track the workflow of a file or folder
  • Manage and track documents
  • Receive notifications when a shared document has been updated
  • Securely send files to HGSE affiliates and non-affiliates alike
  • Track versions of a document
  • Create a secure web-based dropbox for others to transfer large files to you
  • Quickly and easily search the content of all your documents
  • And more!

Where do I begin?

This Knowledge Center has sections for beginner (logging in, opening and uploading files, etc.), intermediate (versioning, sending files securely, etc.) and advanced (workflow, group management) users. If you want to go even deeper, you can find more on the Additional Resources page. 

Click here to see a story about XDrive. This story shows how a team uses XDrive to accomplish their project goals. 

If you need assistance using XDrive or you want to learn about XDrive's more advanced features you can contact the Service Center.